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Hello, I'm Tiovayntel (@angyfish). Feel free to DM me on Twitter, Instagram or Discord if you want to commission me


Before commissioning me, please make sure you read my T.O.S beforehand.

Emotes ✦ $40 USD/EACH

✦ Sizes: 112x112, 56x56, 28x28✦ I DO NOT MAKE: GORE, NUDITY (I will not draw if I'm not comfortable with the idea)✦ Free revisions at the Sketch stage

Badges ✦ $30 USD/EACH

✦ Sizes: 72x72, 36x36, 18x18✦ Different design for each badge✦ +$5 each additional recolored badge✦ Free revisions at the Sketch stage

Panels ✦ $60 USD/EACH

✦ Each panel in a different pose✦ Free revisions at the Sketch stage

Terms of Service

If you are commissioning me, you are automatically accepting my T.O.S.

Payment Method

✧ Payments are made through paypal.✧ Changes after finished product will be charged extra.

Terms of Service

✦ Emotes, badges and panels are for Twitch and Discord channels, they cannot be used for commercial purposes.✦ You cannot edit my emotes and turn them into a new one.✦ Payments are made through paypal.✦ Changes after finished product will be charged extra.✦ Please do not rush me, I need time to complete the work.✦ I have a right to decline a commission.✦ I only contact with commissioners, I will not contact with third parties,✦ No rude words, please be friendly.

Please read the prices and ToS first

Please send this form to my mail or twitter


✦ Paypal:✦ Channel:✦ Twitter:✦ Email (to deliver files):


✦ Choosing static emotes/animated emotes/panels/sub badges:✦ Quantity:✦ Requested list:✦ Images of you/model/character: